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About The Show

About The Show

Rich Manley

Rich Manley – Adventurer, TV Personality/ Actor, Writer and Producer

Rich is an avid traveller and adventurer. He is the creator and Tv personality of the Tv Show “Culture Shock”, which explores a vast array of cultures across the globe in search of their magic, and bridging the cultures through magic. Rich is a writer who has various works published and a fiction novel. He continues to write and document his adventures around the world. He is also a professional magician who has performed at the Magic Castle, on television networks such as the CW, and around the world. His passion is learning and experiencing new areas of life and the study of anthropology and Archeology.

James Houston

James Houston – Adventurer, Producer

James Houston is an adventurer, outdoorsman and fighter with a background that includes working as a bodyguard, fugitive recovery agent and instructor to law-enforcement and military personnel. He has traveled the world and understands cultures and customs, dangers and pitfalls, food and entertainment. Thinking fast when the chips are down is his specialty. He is a walking Swiss Army knife, facing any situation with a working solution.


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 In this wild adventure, full of dangerous stunts, exploration, and a test of will, a magician and explorer seeks out magic throughout the world. 

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