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Creator/Host, Rich Manley Interview

Director of Photography, Mark Leisher Interview

Co-Host/ Producer, James Houston Interview

Cinematographer, Scott Stevens interview

Ghost Deck Quechua Trick

Rich performs magic at Palma River

Airport Shenanigans


Rich Does Magic At Night In Palma Real

James and Rich Stranded on the River

James Holds A Snake

We Almost Fell off the Cliff!

Evalyn and Rich on A Boat

Rich Does Kung Fu In The Andes

Coca Leaves In Palma Real

Key Through Bill Magic Trick

Visit to the Himba Tribe In Namibia

DRC in Namibia

Trying Some Mopane Worms From Namibia

Rich Manley Interview for Heardwell

Magic in Egypts Famous Khan el-Khalili

Magic in Namibia

Magic in Ethiopia

Rich and James in Egypt

Traveling Through Ethiopia

Iceland’s Glaciers

Culture Shock Magic
Expedition Rich

Rich Manley Production

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