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Rich Manley

Rich grew up learning magic from his grandfather, a surgeon, and traveler, who took up sleight of hand to aid in his surgical work. Rich was enamored by his grandfather’s journeys and the magic that was introduced to him at the early age of ten.

Continuing to perform and hone his skills in the magic arena, Rich was thirsty for knowledge in the fields of Archeology, Anthropology, and travel. In his teens, he would explore many libraries and books involving history, archeology, and philosophy.   He would partake in a dozen digs for archeological societies in Massachusetts. His fascination with culture brought him close to spirituality and martial arts. He trained extensively and privately with the Shaolin Monks, learning Chan Buddhism, Chen and Yang Taiji Chuan, Chi Kung, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. He has also trained and received black belt levels in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kenpo Karate and spent time as an instructor.  He has been training since the age of thirteen and continues to this day.

With a thriving sense of adventure and insatiable hunger to learn, Rich went to Radford University studying Psychology and Anthropology. After his studies, He went on to pursue adventures and travels in Hollywood, finding his skillset well versed in the stunt world. He honed his martial skills and physical abilities in this arena.

Rich has traveled the world extensively, performed magic on and off television and at the infamous Magic Castle, been in both movies and television as an actor, and is a fervent writer. As an adventurer and martial artist, he believes strongly in the combination of both mental and physical in his training, of pushing the body and mind to its limits. It is for this reason he enjoys extreme activities such as motorcycling, sky diving, scuba diving, and rock climbing. He is a firm believer that the integration of a strong set of physical skills while accompanying knowledge,  will only help the adventurer in his or her travels to unknown parts and places.


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